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Interaction Drama

 Interaction drama describes a unique training methodology used by Organization Twenty-One, Inc. (O-21). Professional actors are placed in a classroom setting to  demonstrate typical workplace challenges.

The following is an excerpt from the NIH Record

A lot of respect is in perceptions, explained Gary Johnson, a former CIA intelligence analyst-turned-training facilitator with a company called Organization Twenty-One. "I can only guarantee one thing about today's session," he said, opening a recent course at NIH, "and that is that at some point, we all will see the same situation in completely different ways." Respect, he added, begins when we begin to acknowledge and accept perceptions besides our own.

The objectives of the training session are made clear at the outset: Students will discuss key elements of verbal and nonverbal communication, identify communication problems and explain approaches to working through conflict in a positive, respectful manner. A four-person professional acting troupe, which accompanies Johnson, makes each scenario come alive in a way that training videos cannot. In addition, many of the scenario details — unique policies, settings and language — are customized for NIH, adding realism, and frequently humor, to the learning experience.

"I enjoyed the class very much," said one attendee. "The time went by very fast. By the time I looked at my watch, it was time to go. I felt engaged for the entire 3 hours...Having the parts acted out makes a strong and lasting impression."